From the age of 7 years old, I’ve struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Jesus saved me at the sweet young age of 12, and my life has been a fun adventure ever since. Through my struggle with anxiety, as well as the normal ups and downs of life, I have learned that God is constant and that Jesus is always with me.

Visit my blog to learn my story. My blog posts feature what I’ve learned from being married to my wonderful husband Lenny, my struggle with anxiety for 19 years, and the fun blessings that God has given me throughout my lifetime.

While I love blogging, my passion is for novel writing. Check out the pitch for my debut novel:

In 1996, a bombing at the Verdarian castle blazes the trail for Tori’s lifelong battle with anxiety. Eighteen years later, King Leonardo sends her on a mission to find her missing father, discover the dark secrets of her past, and bring to light the true cause of her struggle. Anxiety is real, but it is not true.