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Motivation for A Busy Life

I feel like, lately, everyone is busy.  And all the busy people have advice on how not to be busy.  The #1 best-selling advice is simple: stop doing so much.  But is it really that simple when you have to put in overtime at work, when you want to invest time in healthy meals for your family instead of going to get fast food, when your house looks like a tornado blow through it, when you miss your husband because you’ve both been so busy you haven’t had a full conversation in days, when your extended family and friends are asking where you’ve been, and when the minute you actually have some free time you feel guilty doing nothing because of all the voices screaming for your attention?  Did I even mention the self-care that I must do: the time I spend with God in the morning, the 30-minute workout, journaling, doing tasks that fill me instead of drain me, eating healthy, sleeping early, drinking water at the right time (yep, that’s a thing apparently), and breathing?

In my blog, I’ve tried to be as real as possible.  I read the works of writers who have overcome all kinds of raw emotions, and I want to follow their example and pour my heart out for the world to see.  But if you asked me how I was really feeling, this is what I would tell you: I have no idea, because I’ve been too busy to sit down and actually contemplate what’s within my heart.  What’s new?  I have no idea, because everything is new.  Where do I even start?  My head is almost always spinning, and all I want is to take a giant remote, press the “pause” button, and take a nap.

To be quite honest, I want a change in my life.  I’ve been busy for about three years straight, and I’m done with being exhausted and stressed.  I’m sick of always having something to do, and never feeling like I get anything done.  Worst of all, I am frustrated because I’ve heard over and over again that God does not want us to get addicted to busyness, and yet I feel I have no choice but to jump into the current and let it take me into the chaos.

How many of you can resonate with that?

I wish the answer could be as simple as “stop doing everything.”  But life does not come with a “pause” button.  Life is coming at us fast, and all we have time to do is reflexively react to our environment.

The truth is: we all have a motivation to be busy.  There are reasons, positive and negative, why we are attracted to the busy lifestyle.  In order to “stop doing everything,” we must develop the motivation to pause, breathe, and develop a rhythm of rest.  As with most things, rest starts in the mind and the heart.

If you are like me and are tired of running around, I have one question for you: How badly do you want rest?

Over the next few weeks, I will be trying to process what motivates me to be busy.  I will be sorting through both the positive and the negative reasons that I’m attracted to the busy lifestyle.  Each week, I will give you a challenge.  You can comment on each week’s post to respond to each challenge, or you can simply contemplate it in your own way.

This week, I would like you to think about the reasons why your life is busy.  Identify whether each reason is good or bad, and why.

Here are my motivations to be busy to give you some ideas, and I will expand on these ideas throughout the week:

  1. God is calling me to rely on Him
  2. I’m in a transitional stage of life
  3. I don’t like to say “no”
  4. I like to say “yes”
  5. I want to avoid conflict
  6. I want to avoid myself
  7. I don’t want to miss out
  8. I’m afraid of failure

Join me in developing a rhythm of rest instead of a life of busyness.

By writingfree1

My dream is to help people develop a contentment and excitement in everyday life through my blogging and novel writing. I will be using my own day-to-day experiences to bring hope to my readers.

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