A New Book Series for Children!

This post was #sponsoredbyfaithwords. I was not required to give a positive review, so my review is my honest take on this book series by Hannah C. Hall.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity from Faithwords to read this book for free! I’ve enjoyed the other books that they’ve recommended to me as well, such as Pull it Off by Julianna Zobrist, Get Weird by CJ CasciottaYou Are Enough by Mandy HaleBeyond Blessed: God’s Perfect Plan for No Financial Stress by Robert Morris and Dead Sea Rising by Jerry B. Jenkins.

Since I am involved in children’s ministry at my church, and I am a kid at heart, when I saw that they need a review for a few new children’s books, I signed up right away. The series contains four books: God Made the World, God Made the Animals, God Made Me, and God Made Night and Day. Each book involves two brothers, Clive and Ian, who look at the world around them and talk about how God made it all. In God Made the World, they are having a picnic in the park. In God Made the Animals, they are at the zoo. In God Made Me, they are playing in their house. In God Made Night and Day, they are camping. I believe the books should be bought together, because they all tie into each other. I also read them in order of when they took place in the Bible, ending with God Made Me, as a reminder that, out of everything God made, we were His favorite thing. God made us special.

Hannah C. Hall is a Christian writer, mom, and worship pastor’s wife who has published other children’s books, such as Sunrise, Easter Surprise and God Bless You and Goodnight. This book series is part of a new imprint called JellyPress, which involves content from the creators of VeggieTales.

Before knowing anything about Hannah C. Hall and her experience, while reading the books, I could sense that the writing was influenced by television in some way. I could imagine the dialogue taking place on a television screen. During humorous parts, I could hear a tuba playing in the background (wom, wom!). It would also be fun to read this book in funny voices!

Since I have no kids of my own, and I volunteer with girls that are probably too old for this book, I asked my friend (who has three kids) to read the books to see what age and gender is appropriate for this book. After discussing the book, we found that it’s probably suitable for age 2-5, but a 6-year-old can also enjoy it. Both boys and girls would be interested in it.

My favorite part of the book series is at the end of each book, there’s a parent connect. Instead of just reading a nice story, you have the opportunity to make this real for your kids. They suggest going for walks in the park and looking at nature, or having special conversations with them about God and creation. I personally enjoy that aspect of the series, because it allows them to apply what they’ve learned to their everyday lives.

You can find out more information about the books and how to purchase them here (the link will bring you to God Made the World, but on the bottom of the page, under “Related Books,” you should see the other ones). Whether you have little kids of your own, you have kids in your family, or you want to buy them for your church to use in the preschool room, find out if these books are a good fit for your family!


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