The Price of a Woman

This post may be inappropriate for those under age 18 due to the subtle mention of sexual language. Reader discretion is advised. Yesterday was Shine a Light on Slavery Day, a day to promote the #EnditMovement (Did you wear your red X?). Today, I'm ready to share how I feel about human trafficking, not only … Continue reading The Price of a Woman


The Worst Kept Secret: Depression

I guest posted on Crystal Twaddell's Made to Brave blog this week about depression during the holidays. Unfortunately, it is a sad reality that more people are depressed/suicidal/anxious during this time of the year than any other time. As I've said before, depression and anxiety go hand in hand. Anxiety is high energy fear of the … Continue reading The Worst Kept Secret: Depression

My Song for the Season: “Here Comes Heaven”

Every year, I focus on a different aspect of Christmas. I'll usually hear a song on the radio that sticks out to me and reminds me to be conscious of whatever God is teaching me. Listening to actual Christmas music about the birth of Christ and not about drinking hot cocoa and waiting for Santa … Continue reading My Song for the Season: “Here Comes Heaven”